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Boatspeed 1.3

Boatspeed now provides tracking of your gps data including speed, heading and position. You may also export your tracks to gpx and csv.

Boatspeed makes your mobile phone into an invaluable companion of when you're traveling with your boat.
Speed displays the current speed, as provided by the GPS of your phone. To switch the display between km/h, m/s and kt press and hold the number showing the speed. A popup menu appears; you may also switch on the bearing field hiere. Below your current position and the direction is displayed. To share your position press and hold the display of the position.
Tracking allows you to store the geocordes as well as the speed of your trip. "Tracking Start" starts tracking, which continues in the background, even if the app is no longer visible. There are two tracking modes, "regatta" provides more waypoints in regular intervals, "cruising" only stores heading and speed changes and saves battery live.

The current track is…