Boatspeed Release 1.7.4

I published Boatspeed 1.7.4 with some bug fixes and enhancements.  The version is coming with a new database format which allows some new features.

Database upgrade  Your track database is migrated automatically to the new format without any data loss. In the unlikely case of problems please let me know.

With the new database, we now track the boats heeling, which is also exported to csv and gpx data.  It is also shown at the maps marker bubbles, but only if you switch on the heeling view at sailing or navigation view. Ok, that's not very intuitive and I promise to refactor the UI in one of the coming releases.

Thanks to the new database you can now undo some map waypoint editings. But if you delete the whole track this can't be undone.

Cache location changed We are also moving the cache of the map tiles to a different location on the device. You can now delete the map-cache without deleting your track data at the same time. To do so use androids feature to clear the app's…

Boatspeed price model

Staring today we introduce a new price model for our international customers. The price is no longer the same for all countries, but differs based on an index called purchasing power parity (ppp). That means a significant decrease for most of the countries, while in some western countries the price climbs to 3,- or more Euros.

We regard this as a step towards greater price fairness and hope it faciliates customers to buy our product where it had been too expensive. Thanks for your understanding.

Boatspeed Tracking Refactored

Boatspeed tracking now comes with OpenSeaMap visualisation and a new fresh look. Among the new features there is also an export oft your tracks to jpeg image beside the already existings exports to pgx and csv.

Download Boatspeed from GooglePlay

Boatspeed now features OpenSeaMap

Boatspeed 1.6 new features OpenSeaMap nautical maps for navigation.

Find the new release at Google Play Store:

Prüfungsvorbereitung Sportbootführerschein

Machen Sie sich fit für die Sportbootführerscheinprüfung
Meine Android Apps zur Prüfungsvorbereitung auf den Sportbootführerschein Binnen und Sportbootführerschein See wurden auf den aktuellen Fragenkatalog aktualisiert. Ebenfalls wurde ein Prüfungsmodus hinzugefügt, sodass nun auch die Prüfung simuliert werden kann.

Machen Sie sich fit für den Sommer!

Auch online unter:

GjotsJava nun mit Suche

GjotsJava liegt nun in der Version 1.2.0 vor und biete die Volltextsuche über das gesamte Dokument.

Andere coole Features:  Kompatibilität mit dem Gjots2 Dateiformat von Bob HeppleFunktioniert auf Windows, Linux und MacOS XVerschlüsslung der Datei im AES oder ccrypt Verfahren Mehr und Download :


Started a plain Java implementation of the Gjots2 Linux software by Bob Hepple I found it difficult to get his program running on windows, so I decide to reimplement it. If you are on Linux use Bob's program that is more advanced and stable. Anyway the file format is compatible, you can exchange the data files. Gjots is a jotter, a notebook that stores text in a hierachical tree structure. All data is stored to a single file that can be encrypted. GjotsJava currently supports AES and ccrypt. If you are interested int GjotsJava please visit my development space at